$1 Million Damage After Driver Gets Stuck in Burnley Tunnel

Last week a truck driver breached the height restrictions in the Burnley Tunnel in Melbourne and authorities say that he may be charged. The driver was driving a truck that was over height and carrying an excavator. He is accused

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Queensland is Testing Ground for Level Crossing Technology

Level crossings can be dangerous for all road users but they can be a particular challenge to heavy vehicles who need a greater amount of time to be able to stop safely once that a hazard or obstruction is detected.

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The Search for Active Queensland Transport Workers is on

The search has already started and runs from the 2nd April to the 14th June to find the most physically active workplace within the transport industry in Queensland. Too often workers in the transport industry are chained to desks or

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NSW Police Make Arrests Over Sale of Drugs to Truck Drivers

Recently the NSW police force arrested three men and a woman who are now facing charges that are ‘trucking related drug charges’. The police were conducting a general operation to tackle the supply of methylamphetaminein the north of NSW when

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Illegal Handling of Asbestos a TWU Concern

The Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) has expressed its concern about a waste disposal company in Toowoomba handling asbestos illegally and has called for all of the company’s depots to be audited and its council contracts to be reviewed. Workplace Health

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Managing Risks Involving Heritage Plant

Heritage plant is still very common in Australia and there are health and safety considerations to be taken into account when any activities involving heritage plant are undertaken. Some of the activities that are covered with this guide from Safe

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Carbon Tax Set to Become Trucking Industry Reality

The Australian federal Government has not indicated that they will let go of their plan to include the trucking industry in the carbon tax next year. The ATA (Australian Trucking Association) encouraged the government to exempt transport operators however Greg

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The Queensland Transport Infrastructure Conference

Conferences are important events for any industry and for the transport industry the 4th Annual Queensland Transport Infrastructure Conference is an opportunity for people in the industry and interested parties to talk about the transport industry in Queensland. This event

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Key Issues in Transport Industry Recently Surveyed

A recent survey of about 1,000 truck drivers nationally conducted by the Transport Workers Union (TWU) has revealed that the two key issues of the transport industry are an increasingly aging workforce and the practices of the retail sector. The

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ATA Chairman Says No to Planned Carbon Tax on Trucks

David Simon, the Chairman of the Australian Trucking Association, has called on the government to commit, prior to the election, to not extend the carbon tax to the trucking industry. He said that in its Clean Energy package the government

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