Date PostedApril 24, 2013

The Search for Active Queensland Transport Workers is on

moves mostThe search has already started and runs from the 2nd April to the 14th June to find the most physically active workplace within the transport industry in Queensland.

Too often workers in the transport industry are chained to desks or the drivers seat of their vehicle. They are at great risk of sedentary diseases that are, according to recently released research, also affecting blue collar workers such as bus drivers and truck drivers.

To stay healthy we need to move and the experts recommend that we have two minutes of movement out of every thirty minutes.

This competition is a great initiative to encourage people to get active in their workplaces to improve their overall health. Read more about this competition at

The competition will pit participating workplaces against each other over a 6 week challenge, during which transport workers will be urged to find opportunities to move more and to record the number of steps they take.

The competition will be conducted over any 6 week period starting between the 2nd April and the 14th June 2013 and is open to all Queensland workplaces within the transport industry, including but not limited to; road, rail, maritime and aviation transport.

The only cost is for the purchase of pedometers.

The winner of the competition will be the workplace that records the highest average steps per employee at the end of the 6-week challenge. The key will be having as many employees as possible moving more each day. The winning workplace will not only receive bragging rights, but will be prominently featured in a high profile state-wide publication; on the 10,000 Steps website and social media platforms, and they will also receive a trophy for their efforts.

To find out more visit


If you work in a sedentary occupation within the transport or any other industry get yourself moving for your health.

You may not be able to be a part of this competition but it is essential that you increase the amount that you move during the day to avoid a number of chronic disease that sedentary work can help to cause.

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