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Police Reminder About Speed After Three Caught Offending

Speed is a common cause of accidents on Australian roads and when excess speed is combined with heavy vehicles it can be a recipe for disaster. Trucks need a greater stopping distance simply because of their weight and if they

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ATA Chairman Says No to Planned Carbon Tax on Trucks

David Simon, the Chairman of the Australian Trucking Association, has called on the government to commit, prior to the election, to not extend the carbon tax to the trucking industry. He said that in its Clean Energy package the government

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Tips on How to Safely Load a Truck

Loading a truck safely takes consideration and care. Not only do the goods need to reach their destination safely without any kind of damage but also it is also essential that the method of loading does not pose any risk

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Securing Loads Safely on Rigid and Articulated Trucks

Care needs to be taken when rigid and articulated trucks are being loaded and unloaded. All freight operators for road transport need to make sure that all loads are restrained and contained safely including the use of side gates, side

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Loading and Unloading Safely Around Trucks

When mobile plant and vehicles are physically moving within workplaces there is a high risk of injury or even death is the hazards and associated risks are not managed correctly. The most common workplace vehicle accidents happen when reversing, loading,

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