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Findings of the “Safe Handling When Securing Loads on Trucks” Advisory Campaign

During the course of this campaign 427 advisory inspections were conducted between February and June 2012 at different transport depots in the state of Queensland. The Inspectors looked at the work health and safety risks of the load restraint equipment

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Tips on How to Safely Load a Truck

Loading a truck safely takes consideration and care. Not only do the goods need to reach their destination safely without any kind of damage but also it is also essential that the method of loading does not pose any risk

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New Pallets Manufactured in Australia to Change Load Handling

Pallets and how to handle them has always been a challenge for the transport and logistics industry. They are heavy, bulky and can be difficult to manage especially when they are in bulk. They stack easily however they take up

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The Duties of Packers, Loaders & Drivers in the Transport of Dangerous Goods

The transport of dangerous goods means that everyone that is involved needs to be fully trained, supervised and responsible for their part in the process. If you are not sure whether you are involved in the transport of dangerous goods

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Securing Loads Safely on Rigid and Articulated Trucks

Care needs to be taken when rigid and articulated trucks are being loaded and unloaded. All freight operators for road transport need to make sure that all loads are restrained and contained safely including the use of side gates, side

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Information on the Northern Territory Livestock Loading Scheme

The Northern Territory Livestock Loading Scheme provides for the efficient and safe transport of livestock by road. This can be completed with maximum densities as long as the vehicle size and safety as well as the requirements for the welfare

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Legislative Council Passes Bills with Amendments

The changes to the legislative framework that governs road transport in New South Wales that were proposed have now cleared the Upper House and have been passed across to the Legislative Assembly for approval. The Road Transport Bill, the Road

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