Date PostedApril 5, 2013

Useful Fatigue Information for Managers and Loading Staff

Loading FatigueIt is essential that it is not just left up to drivers top manage their own fatigue within the freight industry.

In fact the laws require that everyone that has a responsibility within a supply chain ensures that they do everything that they can to reduce fatigue as well as consciously not contribute to it with their actions.

The VicRoads website at has a number of very useful fact sheets that will help workers in any supply chain minimize the risks of fatigue.

This particular fact sheet relates to managers and workers engaged in loading and unloading vehicles:

To assist these parties in complying with the new laws the National Transport Commission (NTC) has developed ‘Guidelines for Managing Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue’. These Guidelines provide advice on creating a systematic fatigue management system based on a risk management approach.

This fact sheet is part of a series and the following information provides examples of how distribution centres can ensure they are taking reasonable steps to prevent driver fatigue.

Examples of taking reasonable steps include agreeing on time slots for loading/unloading, providing a system for reporting delays and managing late arrivals and providing rest facilities. Where a time slot can’t be nominated or the waiting time is more than 30 minutes, the loading manager must ensure that the driver is able to take a rest while waiting for the vehicle to be loaded or unloaded.

This may include notifying the driver when the vehicle can be loaded or unloaded so that the driver does not need to be awake or unreasonably alert.


For the rest of the fact sheet visit the link above that has additional information for workers to help reduce fatigue. It helps you to understand fatigue and to device processes and procedures that help to control the risks.

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