Date PostedApril 2, 2013

Urge For Supply Chain to Cover Life Cycle of Products

Recycling We live in a world that is fast and furious that generates large quantities of garbage. The things we outgrow, the things we break and also the food that we eat.

In a recent push fast food companies in Victoria are being asked to take a greater level of responsibility for the “full life cycle” of their products.

It is an initiative of the state government who wants to forge a partnership with fast food retailers to increase the level of waste recycling.

The experts at have more information on what is being proposed:

Victorian Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith yesterday launched a new in-store recycling scheme at Victorian KFC restaurants to encourage more company accountability for products that have reached end users in the supply chain.

Smith says the new recycling systems provide public recycling facilities in 48 Victorian stores.

He says ‘back-of-house’ cardboard recycling bins have also been installed in 88 Victorian restaurants.

The project is part of the national recycling initiative, Do the Right Thing, Use the Right Bin, funded through the Australian Packaging Covenant with $33,600 in financial support from the Victorian Government.

“The Coalition Government strongly supports industry taking responsibility for the life-cycle of their products,” Smith says.

“We’re investing in a range of programs like this one that help manufacturers and retailers make it easier for consumers to dispose of their products safely and responsibly.”

The government is also working with major retailers and manufacturers to help customers dispose of products including batteries, paint and packaging.

The recycling program is operating in New South Wales and South Australian stores and has nationally helped divert more than 1,800 tonnes of cardboard, bottles and cans, according to government.


Recycling is good for everyone and it is our responsibility to keep our communities clean. These kinds of initiatives contribute a great deal to cleaning up our local areas, which makes living just that much nicer.

Apart from that recycling just makes sense. This scheme is already successful in two other states so maybe it is just a matter of time before the scheme becomes a national initiative.

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