Date PostedApril 10, 2013

Drink Driving Forklift Operation

ForkliftThe NSW police have charged a man originally from Queensland for allegedly driving a forklift while he was drunk at the Sydney Showgrounds on Sunday March 31st about 1am.

The police are alleging that the 27 year old man had a blood alcohol reading that was more than three times the legal limit once he was caught

Police arrived at the Sydney showgrounds to investigate a report that a man and a woman had been seen driving a forklift on Northern Rivers Avenue.

A security guard had requested that the stop but they accelerated away from him and collided with a few steel bollards.

The security guard ran to the forklift and removed the keys according to a spokesperson for the NSW police.

According to reports the man then left the scene after the accident wit the forklift.

He was chased by the security guard on foot through the alleyways and pavilions at the showgrounds and eventually apprehended and held for police.

Police took the man who was from Marian in Queensland into custody and transported him to the Auburn police station where he was breath tested.

The reading from the breath test came back as 0.17.

The police expect that the man will be given a notice to appear in court on a date to be determined. The charges are alleged to be take a drive conveyance without the consent of the owner and high range drink driving.

Police are making inquiries to find out the identity of the woman that was involved in the incident. At the time the Sydney Royal Easter show was not open.

Forklifts can be dangerous especially when someone without the correct qualifications or by a person that is intoxicated operates them.

It is essential that when not in use they need to be secured and the keys locked away so that they cannot be accessed by people that are not authorised to do so.

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